With Subwave®, SEE Through The Walls

SubWave® by SEE
Making Available What Is Not Accessible
100% Zones Now Covered By GPS

  • Non-stop location service continuity,
  • Increased security of goods and people,
  • A much more autonomous and scalable system, no need for additional apps,
  • Compliance with standards and every mobile GPS receiver.
  • A 100% software GNSS solution,
  • The most reliable location system in critical access environments (underground, subways, tunnels, etc.)
  • A faster integration within existing infrastructures,
  • A much affordable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Outdoor GPS signal Synchronization at << 1 microsecond,
    alarm monitoring,
  • GPS redundancy,
  • Extractable SSD drive for higher performance and easy maintenance.
  • From 3 up to 6 RF outputs,
  • Full time and location control,
  • PVT definition for each zone,
  • Emission power for each zone.


Why is Subwave® unique and different?

Wherever you are, whatever the receiver you are using, Subwave® is a GPS signal emulation

solution which simulates the GPS signals and that even in usually nonaccessible spaces (underground environments).


SubWave®, GPS Signal Emulation Solution, even in confined areas and non-accessible spaces, whatever the receiver.

    • Service continuity is guarantee
      SubWave® generates standard GNSS data, simulating satellite GPS constellation.
      It allows for plugging all types of GPS/ ARGOS receivers. Consequently service continuity is guaranteed even in underground, inaccessible or hidden zones (subways, tunnels, etc.)
    • Autonomous GPS
      Subwave® conveys the GPS signal locally and autonomously, by means of an existing leaky feeding radiating or antennal system.
    • Interoperability
      The innovative SubWave® specific design ensures that the system totally respects all nominal operational rules in compliance with other radio network systems.
  • Non-Intrusive
    SubWave® standalone apparatus can be easily installed and non-intrusively plugged into existing Telecom infrastructures.
  • The perfect solution for underground areas
    SubWave® is the location system that perfectly fits the conditions of subterranean and confined usual notspot environments such as tunnels, subways, sheds and even infrastructures and materials.
  • It works with your smartphone too
    Whatever the GPS signal receiver, SubWave® gets connected to the GPS chipset, without any need for additional application.

Use Case

A Tunnel operator reports how SubWave® has changed the underground security.

The solution has permitted to transmit and locate emergency calls in tunnels to lone workers, from a smartphone without needing a dedicated application, nor PMR (Professional Mobile Radio), DMR nor TETRA.

It makes sure that the signal of Passengers’ and Workers’ calls is conveyed through GPS notspots areas.

All Subwave® Features

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