Audio and Video Dispatcher

To Unify All Communications

Pandora is an Audio/Video Dispatcher Supervision System that centralizes video, audio,  and data information within a single application.

Diverse means of communication are used in a wide range of different services (security, maintenance, control, monitoring etc.).

Such a variety of services results in a multitude of different tools, devices, applications, equipment, protocols and radio channels.

To avoid loss of productivity and information, we have developed Pandora, an Audio /Video supervision Dispatcher that unifies all communications.

The Usage

Pandora solution provides an advanced integration between various data display HMI (Geolocation, SCADA, Data Dashboards including statistics, events and alarm management) and a high-level voice HMI offering an excellent user experience due to its modern and ergonomic design.

  • Hub System to receive, supervise and connect omni-channel protocols
  • Unifies communications from Phone, video, radio, intercom etc.
  • Manages voice, audio and video flows
  • Detects emergency situation and alerts in real time
  • Geolocates incidents, isolated lone-worker, notifies man-down
  • Connects different correspondents whatever their devices
  • A simple Web browser to access a user-friendly central platform
  • Universal System openable to third party operating systems


Why is Pandora unique and different?

On Client side

  • Direct SIP connexion to PBX
  • Compatible with the most recent versions of Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft and Asterisk PBX
  • Data are supported by Http / Https / Websockets
  • Monitoring is provided by SNMP and SYSLOG protocols

On Server side

  • Multi-source Voices:SIP systems and PBX, or Radio systems: Cisco Instant connect,  EUROCAE ED-137, DMR Association AIS protocol, TETRA systems
  • LTE (Private or operated networks)
  • Video and data sources, IoT, Scada…
  • Other TCP/IP protocols: OPC/UA/MQTT/Websockets/Modbus/TCP/SNMP


Detailed Features

Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. 64bit OS versions.
Limit of UsersNone. Up to 60 login/minute
Redundancy1+1 mode
Number of calls5, 12 or 32 simultaneous media streams
Supported voice Radio systemsCisco Instant Connect
Tetra Systems
RoIP Gateways
Supported Video Sources LTE
Supported Data SourcesLow Speed Scada
Long Range Scada
Supported IoT ProtocolsMQTT
Backend Adapters for Sigfox, The Things Network, LoRa networks
Other supported TCP/IP protocolsOPC/ UA
Supported Voice Recording SystemsVerint
Type of serverPhysical or virtual machine
Hybrid configuration
APIsClick to dial integration
Skype for Business
Seamless login
Certified operabilityASC
Nice NRX
Nice NTR
Support ServicePhone and Email: 24/24 7/7

They use Pandora

Use Case

A company specialized in work-at-height operations in confined space (rope access) has chosen to equip its staff with the EasyPod solution.

The EasyPod box enables to geolocate technicians during call out, and ensure their security. In any event, alarm is automatically sent from the box to trigger the rescue operation.

The connected compact and autonomous box EasyPod can be used in various fields of application such as locating and/or securing people or goods.

All Pandora Features

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