Optical Repeaters

SEE Optical Repeaters

To Extend Full Radio Indoor Coverage

SEE Optical Repeaters are Multiband & Multiservice Selective Repeaters that extend the RF coverage of one or several services without any additional Base Station.

A repeater is an electronic device that allows for receiving a signal and retransmitting it.

In the case that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstacle (indoor, infrastructure…), repeaters are used to extend transmissions.

SEE designs and manufactures optical repeaters, that is used in a fiber-optic communications system to regenerate an optical signal types of repeaters broadcast an identical signal.

The Usage

Our repeaters can be feed with an OMU, to be compatible RF/FO, FO/RF or FO/FO. This configuration allows the repeater to provide a multi-area RF coverage.

This material has been designed for operation without interruption with advanced software functionality.


  • Best fit for minimum space requirement…
  • And Road Tunnels and Confined Area
  • Scalable & Redundant solution
  • Distance Manageable
  • Easy to Chain
  • Compatible dPMR IDAS VHF & UHF (2×6,25KHz)
  • Allows to separate the desired signal from other signals with precision
  • Great flexibility of integration


Why our Optical Repeaters are unique and different?

Radio Data

  • DMR Tier II & III/dPMR Mode 2/MPT1327,
  • P25 Phase 2,
  • FM
  • Fix or configurable selectivity


  • Remote Control, Alarm and Measure Supervision
  • Configurable CAG & Squelch
  • Standalone
  • Rackable Module or Wall Mounted enclosure
  • Upgradable working by modular material part


Detailed Features

Number of ChannelsUp to 4
Frequency BandsTETRA, TETRAPOL, DMR, P25, UHF, VHF, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, FM, DAB
Impedance50 Ohms
Output Power+30 dBm / 4 carriers
Gain55 to 85 dB
Filter options100 KHz to 5 MHz
Noise figure4,5 Db
Group delay channel / band<12μs / <2μs
ALC channel / bandTime slot / RMS based with frame pick hold
Power supply230VAC / 110VAC / 48VDC
Rack Size19'' 3U
Plug inPlug in modules included to make integration easy
Support ServicePhone and Email: 24/24 7/7

They use our Optical Repeaters

Use Case

It’s not that hard to get radio signal in a tunnel, though you, the commuter, can’t really do much to improve your chances. Instead, the tunnel has to have its own radio transmitters installed for it to work, and some of them do.

A tunnel radio transmitter works the same way a big FM radio station transmitter works, by amplifying a signal through an antenna to produce the FM radio waves that are picked up by your car, just on a smaller scale and underground.

Radio equipment in the tunnel’s ventilation buildings pick up the outside FM signal, and then broadcasts the signal into the tunnel through wall-mounted antennas.

The tunnel radio systems aren’t just to prevent drivers from losing their favorite Oldies classics in rush hour gridlock returning to their idyllic suburbs, though. The system can be overridden by the Port Authority to transmit traffic, safety and security information directly to each car’s radio in the event of an emergency.

More importantly these days, tunnel transmitters could also be used to transmit cell phone signal inside the tunnel, to keep your Waze navigation accurate and the Spotify chugging along, though you lose the excuse of dropping the call you don’t want to be on in the tunnel.

All SEE Repeaters Features

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