Selective Master Repeater/Rack System

SEE offers you a rack for collecting external signals to be retransmitted in white areas.

Our modular multi-band and multi-service selective repeaters provide a complete and enhanced indoor radio coverage for all private radioand public safety networks: TETRA, TETRAPOL, DMR, P25, UHF, VHF,3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, FM, DAB and GPS.

Use Modes

SEE’s FM/DAB AUDIO Rack repeats the FM signal picked up by an FM Selective Repeater Amplifier, and direct it to area 1 and 2 with led visualization.

It activates the insertion control, cuts the FM capture and allows the modulation of an Emergency Message on the same FM frequency by the MFM module.

  • Emergency FM / DAB Audio & Text Message Insertion
  • FM / DAB Broadcasting Service Continuity Extension
  • Scalable & Redundant solution
  • Easy Installation & Monitoring
  • RDS compatibility  to implement a particular RDS signaling during insertions.
  • Use of commands to handle messages received in car radios.
  • Allows to separate the desired signal from other signals with precision
  • Broadcast of a signal instead of 5 SRA modules


Why is our FM/ DAB Emergency Message Insertion so unique and different?

Maximum of Flexibility

  • Scalable and redudant solution
  • Emergency Message Insertion in specific zones
  • Live or prerecorded Message
  • Various broadcasting profiles
  • Digital Processing

Keep Control

  • Easy & Ready to Use Monitoring and Control
  • Zoning Available of Emergency Message Insertion
  • Auto-Muting
  • Rackable Module or Wall Mounted enclosure
  • Multi Language Messages


Detailed Features

MFM Radio Features
Frequency Band87-108 MHz
Channel spacing200 KHz
RF Input0 dBm
Audio Input10 dB
Modulation spacing band60KHz +/-
RF Output-10dBm
Impedance50 Ohms
ROSless than 1,5
RDS Radio Features
StandardEN 50067
Groups supported0A, 2A
PS, PI, PTY1, 1, 1
RT1 message
RT rate settingyes
Dynamic PS 64 characters
Synchro pilote @ 19 KHz level -50 dBu to +12 dBu@19KHz
Output level0 to 3.2 V
Configurationby USB port on the front panel
Support ServicePhone and Email: 24/24 7/7

They use our Solution

Use Case

Designed to be used by firemen, police forces, civil defense workers, road managers, rescue vehicle operators and so on, the SEE Emergency Message Insertion is a packaged product that uses RDS, DAB and FM transmitters to inform people who might be distracted by loud music, works noise etc. about an immediate emergency.

Here are some examples of the use of our system:


  • Public order messages (special or unexpected events, etc.)
  • Alerts about approaching rescue vehicles
  • Alerts on natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Special warnings
  • Alerts about approaching large, slow-moving vehicles
  • Warnings about the presence of people/animals/objects on the road
  • Special alert messages for the population coming from police forces, firemen etc.

All the Emergency Message Insertion Features

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